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By Ben Brown

The phrase “less is more” can usually be applied when we’re talking about shooting gear. The INVRT bandoleer from IC-13 Arms is a way to carry everything you need without overdoing it. The concept is old, but the design is fresh.
What the hell is it?
The invert was built around the need to keep essential gear with a firearm in your vehicle. The invert gets its name because of the upside-down orientation of the magazines. This makes reloading very efficient. The mags are in your workspace and close to the gun when you need to reload. The INVRT works like your traditional bandoleer with a single strap running across your body. Unlike chest rigs, it is quick to put on and takes up very little space.
Setting it up
The INVRT can be set up for whatever your needs are. You can buy the invert as a complete package with two rifle or sub gun pouches, one pistol pouch, and a med kit. Or you can buy it slick and outfit it with your preferred pouches. The six rows of pals webbing will work with all your typical molle hardware. Various colors and camo patterns are available. All INVRT’s are made here in


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