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By Jeremy S


More than any other firearm, the AR-15 platform often finds itself heavily accessorized. In fact, it’s regularly referred to as a “Barbie doll for men.” While my play time with dolls was generally more about coming up with increasingly better parachute designs to float them downstairs from the second floor and less about the dolls themselves, I admit I enjoy customizing an AR-15 now and again. Right around Christmas time last year I picked up this Strike Industries Ultimate Selector Switches kit and have been playing with it ever since. It’s probably high time for a review. . .

For $39.95 you’ll receive 10 selector switches of various sizes and shapes, in one of three colors (black, gray, FDE, although FDE is actually $10 less at the moment), a heat-treated steel safety bar, two end bolts, and maybe a hex wrench. It’s an ambi safety bar, and any of the switches will mount to either side. Put one on each side, or leave a side empty.

The switches themselves are made of nylon reinforced polymer. Obviously the strength of these was my primary concern, but in normal use over a long enough amount of time to make a …read more

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