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By Nick Leghorn


As I’ve said before (and will say again, no doubt) the SCAR is a bit of an ugly duckling. It seems like a ton of work was put into the internal gubbins, but when it came to visual design they threw it together in a weekend. From the chunky forend to the Ugg boot shaped stock, its not the prettiest gun on the range. But it can be. More and more companies are coming out with replacement parts for the SCAR, and Kinetic Development Group has recently released a stock for the gun that looks pretty damn slick.

First, a reminder of how the SCAR looks when it comes from the factory. That stock works acceptably well, but it just doesn’t look very good. Like I said, it more closely resembles an Ugg boot than anything else. There are replacement stock adapters out there already like the VLTOR Re-SCAR that will let you mount a standard AR-15 stock on the SCAR, but if you’re looking for a SCAR specific solution then KDG has just the treat.


The SAS SCAR Stock is a drop-in replacement for the original SCAR stock, and has …read more

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