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By Jacki Billings

The Uplula by Maglula is a must have for gun owners who frequent the range. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
The biggest gripe of range day has got to be loading magazines. Not a single shooter I know enjoys the arduous task of loading rounds into often stiff and difficult mags; however, there is one company looking to alleviate the annoyance by making the process a little easier.
Maglula burst onto the scene with an innovative approach to mag loading, offering a variety of devices for just about every shooting platform. The Uplula is one of its products – a pistol mag loading device created for 9mm to .45 ACP magazines. wanted to find out if the Uplula really lives up to hype and if it’s worth the nearly $40 price tag.
What is an Uplula?
The creation of parent company, Maglula, Uplula seeks to alleviate the sore thumbs dilemma of mag loading while also making the process quicker and easier. Designed for pistol shooters, the Uplula loads 9mm to .45 caliber single or double stack magazines. The company doesn’t just offer an Uplula for pistol shooters, it has various versions of “Lula” depending on what caliber pistol or rifle you prefer.
The Uplula fits over


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