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By Eve Flanigan

Just the right amount of spandex in the shirt allows for freedom of movement. (Photo: Team HB)
The Propper company has been in the tactical garb business a long time. The company has a new women’s line, and I’ve had the good fortune to test some of those items as well as others. This first of multiple Propper wear reviews covers the short sleeve summer weight tactical shirt and the Kinetic pants, both of which are also offered in men’s styles.
This range test involved two entire days in 90-plus degree heat and bright sun, and yes I wore the items two days in a row before washing. The days involved carrying target frames and weights, shooting, and demos in prone and kneeling. Lots of bending and twisting was included; none of the locations where I work have permanent target materials, so every range day is also furniture-moving day.
A document pocket is hidden on the left side. (Photo: Team HB)
First, the shirt. I was immediately impressed by the UPF 50 rating. Sun damage is virtually unavoidable where I live, so the chance to minimize it is welcome.  From the moment I donned the shirt, I was struck by its combination of stretch


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