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By Eve Flanigan

Propper 100 Series boots. Soles are thick but flexible. (Photo: Team HB)
The Propper company recently brought a number of new products to the civilian market. In this pun-prone installment, some Propper Series 100 boots were put through their paces. To top it off, I wore the company’s Summerweight cap for much of the experience.
Summertime travels found me training, toiling, and trekking through four southwestern states. The boots were subjected to 100-plus degree heat, 11 hour days, and challenging terrain.
Series 100 boots have rubber soles, an 8 inch roughout leather upper with padded mesh panels, and a suede foot. They’re currently sold only in coyote color.
Carbine class in the Series 100 boots and Propper Summerweight pants. (Photo: Team HB)
When the boots arrived, I looked at the thin, round nylon laces and assumed I’d have to replace them for regular wear. Round laces have been something of a nemesis on my running shoes, often coming undone despite using fancy knots gleaned from the internet. Well, you know what they say about assumptions. Though I’ve stopped at times to tighten the lacing, it’s not once come undone, whether tied with a big double bow or crossed and wrapped around the leg before tying.


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