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By Eve Flanigan

Testing Avidity Arms’ PD10 in the snag-free polo. (Photo: Team HB)
In a previous review, I started a series of trials of Propper’s summerweight clothing line. This installment is a report on even more Propper summertime clothing—which stands out for performance and inclusion of women’s versions of each product.
The summerweight tactical pants ($49.99) arrived unhemmed. Getting a custom hem is a nice treat for those of us with legs on the odd-numbered inches spectrum. No high water look; no stepping on the back of the hem with every step.
The material is nylon with a little spandex for stretch. They’re quite professional-looking, and plenty nice to go from office to range if you work in a “dress casual” environment.
A zippered pocket is behind each flap cargo pocket. Note the reinforced section under the knife clip. (Photo: Team HB)
Among other days on the range, I did Personal Defense Network’s carbine class in these pants. It entailed a lot of up/down, kneeling, sitting, and some supine shooting, not to mention a bit of running with the rifle. The pants got dirty, which is to say they had ground-in dust and dried weeds. A little faint bolt or ammo residue stain was also present by


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