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By Ben Philippi

As the video producer at, Pelican was kind enough to send me their new Air 1535 camera case for a review. I’ve had it for four months now, and I’ve been able to pack it, customize it and take it on a few trips. I’ve gotten a good sense of its durability and strengths as well as its weaknesses.
First of all, Pelican is well-established company in the protective case business. Founded in 1976 in California, it is an American success story. They build cases for a number of uses, including firearms. Most of us know them for their high quality, high-impact polymer shell with foam interiors.
Before receiving the Air 1535, I had a Pelican 1510 case for three years. This is one of their older models and it is very solid and waterproof. I use it to store and transport a high-speed camera. The 1510 weighs 14 pounds empty, so it is heavy. It’s built like a tank. I swear it could stop a .22 round, although I have never tested it. The small hard wheels work fine after many miles and even though it has been kicked around and dropped, I feel confident that my gear is very


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