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By Eve Flanigan

The UTG and ADM mounts turned out to be a tidy combo for my Molot VEPR FM-AK47 and Aimpoint Micro T-1 red dot optic.(Photo: Eve Flanigan)
It was inevitable: the test of the Molot VEPR FM-AK47 made me want to put an optic on the rifle, to make those 100-yard shots a little easier on near-sighted eyes.
What I had in hand was a perfectly good Aimpoint Micro. What I didn’t have was a way to mount it on the AK, or a ton of money. After careful consideration, I chose a couple accessories to secure the optic, and found both to be quite satisfactory.
The Molot VEPR FM-AK47’s well-made sight mount was the ground floor of this test. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)
First came the necessity to have a rail on which to mount an optic. The FM-AK47 has a mount on the left side of the receiver. For it, I chose the Leapers UTG Pro quick-detach AK side mount. My local dealer ordered it and sold it to me for a bit more than ten bucks less than the $57.97 MSRP.
Plans for co-witnessing with the iron sights were foiled by the slight offset. No biggie, since the mount comes off in seconds. (Photo:


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