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By Tyler Kee

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I read a lot of chatter on the internet that the majority of modern AR-15 models are overgassed to an extreme degree. I’m not a machinist or a gunsmith, so my experience is mostly seat-of-the-pants on the topic. What I can tell you is that I can’t remember the last time I shot a factory AR that refused to lock to the rear on an empty mag or failed to strip a fresh round. What I have had are a lot of guns that force the bolt carrier group and buffer rearward with a great deal of authority, a signal that perhaps more gas is being bled off than is really needed . . .

This problem is only magnified by shooting with a silencer screwed to the muzzle. With the exception of one company that specifically claims to reduce gas blowback with their silencers, most manufacturers acknowledge that screwing a can to the end will increase back pressure. Short term, this is an annoyance as you’ll get hot, dirty gasses delivered straight to your face. Long term, it is hard on the various moving bits of your firearm and one day, someday, maybe, it will lead to premature wear.

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