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By Robert Farago

AR 15 Iron Sights - Detachable Front and Rear Sight Set

Arizona – -( In my time, I used iron sights on my military issued M-16A2 simply because EOTech and Aimpoint didn’t exist. Fast forward 26 years and every civilian shooter, soldier and law enforcement officer has one on their rifle. It’s truly amazing the technical advancements we have made in that time, but shooters don’t often learn from history. As tough as these sights may be, they are still man made devices and prone to malfunction or breakage and in a worst case scenario, bullets and shrapnel can severely shorten their lifespan. It’s these times when we can still rely on old fashioned low tech to get us through these unforeseen events and still be effective on the battlefield . . .


Iron sights or fixed sights are now used as backups and not the primary sight, but they shouldn’t be disregarded altogether.

I taught my boys to shoot iron sights long before they ever saw optics, this teaches concentration and helps in mastering the basic of breath control and trigger squeeze. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, if something was to happen to those optics they could survive on the battlefield …read more

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