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By Eve Flanigan

MantisX allows useful dry fire practice on a safe wall target point at home. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)
When the folks at MantisX asked me to review their updated training system, first reviewed by in 2015, I was frank with them about being an eternal skeptic about e-gadgets and sort of a bootstrapper at heart. They weren’t dissuaded. Try it, they said, and give us feedback. After all, the modern MantisX app is quite evolved compared to the original rendition that appeared on in 2015.
What is MantisX?
This little device is a motion sensor that attaches to the rail of your handgun or rifle like any other accessory. It’s slightly bigger than a stack of four quarters and weighs about the same. For weapons without a rail, the company sells an adapter that fits on the magazine floorplate. Paired with the companion app via Bluetooth, it analyzes trigger press quality and, if desired, speed. The app is offered for Android and iOS.
MantisX works with live fire carbine or pistol, air guns, and dry fire. I used it with two different striker-fired pistols, dry and live fire.
How does it do all that? Lasers—and stuff. I’m a shooter, not a tech person. Company


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