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By Tyler Kee


As I mentioned in my review of the Geissele MK8 hand guard, M-LOK is a natural progression from the likes of Picatinny and KeyMod. Advertised as having all the stability and strength of Picatinny with the no snag, low profile appeal of KeyMod, it seems to be a truly transformational standard. And because it was created, marketed, and disseminated by the big brains over at Magpul, it got market recognition that competing standards would have had to claw tooth and nail for. The problem with creating a new standard is that common accessories need to be created. Luckily, Magpul covered that as well . . .

When I opened the box with the aforementioned MK8 rail, I quickly realized that I didn’t have a single M-LOK compatible accessory. This presented an obvious problem as I needed to confidently say that the MK8 rail was compatible with M-LOK for my review. So I had a chatted with our guy at Magpul (who’s now just down the road), and he sent over a grab bag of accessories for me to stick to the rail and test out.

M-LOK Cantilever Polymer Rail/Light Mount – Overall Rating * * …read more

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