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By Eve Flanigan

The Magna-Matic AKSFT sight tool for AK and SKS. Made in USA. (Photo: Team HB)
It’s official, I’ve found the one—sight tool. An earlier review of another device made to adjust AK/SKS front sights was full of disappointment. But this one is a keeper — meaning this review will be short.
To recap, elevation adjustment on the FM-AK47 was an easy task with the other tool. Windage was another matter. I squeezed, cranked, pounded, and took a little finish off the right side of the sight as well as some skin off my thumb trying to move it. In the end, it was the tool, not the sight, that moved, bending itself into uselessness.
Lining up the tool for windage adjustment was easy, not like the other tool I reviewed. (Photo: Team HB)
Stepping up my sight-adjusting readiness meant spending a few more dollars. For less than $40, I had the AKSFT front sight tool, made by Magna-Matic Defense of Wisconsin, in hand. And in hand, it’s a pleasure to hold and view, like any quality tool. The body of the tool is crafted of hardened steel, plated with a smooth zinc finish. The 4.5-inch handle is stainless steel. It weighs 10.6 ounces and


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