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By Andy C

The CZ pistol and Smith & Wesson revolver used for testing. The apps are a great dry fire tool. (Photo: Andy C)
I wrote an article some time ago espousing the benefits of owning a shot timer and I stand behind that sentiment. They’re a wonderful tool for all kinds of shooters and you get a lot of value out of a one-time investment. But not everyone is interested in spending money on a niche tool. Fortunately, today most people are carrying a mobile phone that can also function as a shot timer. I initially decided to try these apps out as I wanted a shot timer for dry fire, but I figured I might as well compare them to a dedicated shot timer as well, in an effort to see if they could produce good results for considerable savings.
Towards that end, I’ll be reviewing the three highest-rated shot timer apps on the Google Play store as of writing: IPSC Shot Timer, Splits, and PS Timer Lite. All three are free, but just because something is free doesn’t make it worth your time. I tested these apps as tools for use in dry fire training, as well as for use in


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