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By Dan Zimmerman


I’m fortunate to have a number of choices for holstering my most-carried pistol — a GLOCK 43. With comfort being my highest priority, I invariably tend toward the smallest, lightest option available. For the last eight-plus months, that’s been the Lenwood Specter IWB Kydex holster. As you can guess from the length of this “test,” I’m a fan. First, though, apologies to the people at Lenwood . .

I try to photograph review gear when it’s NIB (new in box) to show the item in its best light. When they sent the Specter, though, I started using it right away, hence the holster’s scuffs and wear marks. Suffice it to say they were well-earned.


The Specter provides two choices of ride height. You probably won’t want to place the clip in its upper-most position. While it’s the best setting for the most covert carry, the holster and gun ride lower than the Gypsy Rose. Set to the low carry position, it’s hard to retrieve your gun from the Specter quickly and assume a good …Read the Rest

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