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By Dan Zimmerman


Back in the good ol’ days, my father shot his television. He was stationed at an Air Force base in New England at the time. This was the 70’s, and like many shooters he was using dry fire practice to improve his trigger control while watching David Carradine in ‘Kung Fu.’ He left to run an errand and came back, not knowing that my mother had loaded the gun in his absence. Yes, he violated safety rule number one. As dad settled into his chair to watch a little western karate drama, mom went to the kitchen where she had only a moment to feel horror as she heard my father shout, “I’ll get the bad guy for you!” . . .

Thankfully, the only casualty was a 19-inch Sylvania.

Now, we all know that complacency brings about calamity. Dad freely admitted that his discharge was no accident, it was negligent. However, thirty-nine years later, I’m guilty of dry firing my gun while picking targets on the TV screen, too.

I have always been extremely careful about checking the chamber when I do it and making sure my ammo is securely locked away in the safe. But I always remember the story I …read more

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