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By Jeremy S


The quest for better handgun sights isn’t all that different from the quest to create a better mousetrap. There are myriad companies — aftermarket and OEM — manufacturing sights of almost every design imaginable. But nearly all of them have the same goal; the most rapid sight acquisition possible while retaining acceptable accuracy. For the last few months I’ve been playing with a set of Delta 1 Sights from Gun Pro — available for GLOCKs and 1911s, with M&P sets coming soon — and it’s high time for the review. . .

That lead photo is a bit of a spoiler, since it shows the unique sight picture — and it’s fair to say that’s the “secret sauce” — of the Delta 1 sights. Of course, so does the product logo and I figured it was as good a way as any to get folks to click on a review for yet another aftermarket pistol sight option.

Both sights are milled from steel. The front sight is similar to a standard sight blade, but it has a deep “V” notch cut into the top. The front of it is enameled in neon orange.


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