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By Tyler Kee


Like a lot of gun guys, I geek out pretty hard for cool gadgets and technology. With the rise of smartphone technology, nearly every hunter and shooter has a computer in their pocket that’s capable of an incredible amount of calculating and data gathering. Unlocking this power is up to the designers and developers of the millions of apps featured prominently in the Apple and Android stores. Given how much math goes into shooting at long range, smartphone-based ballistics calculators are a natural byproduct. I recently got the chance to spend a few months playing with GeoBallistics’ BallisticsARC app now available in the Apple Store…

Full disclosure, GeoBallistics provided me with beta versions of this app several months ago, and took a lot of my feedback into account while building out the production version of this application. As such, some of the early gripes I had with the product have been worked out leaving a really solid shooter’s tool. BallisticsARC comes out of the metaphorical box with a host of really powerful features.

Ballistics Calculator – Free

BallisticsARC uses the JBM ballistic calculator, identical to both the Shooter and BallisticsAE apps. This is absolutely one of the most powerful ballistics …Read the Rest

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