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By Tyler Kee


We’ve been on a bit of a tear around here testing AR-15 hand guards, specifically the modular and free floating type. For the uninitiated, the market for hand guards is huge and there’s a dizzying array of options available for those who want to free their barrel from the pressure of being touched by anything but a gas block. This also exposes a great deal of real estate for those who want the flexibility to add accessories like vertical grips, lasers, and lights wherever they desire. But first, some history . . .


In the very beginning, there was the triangle-shaped hand guard that debuted in the jungles of Vietnam. Nostalgia provoking sure, but not great for mounting accessories. I’m sure some soldier somewhere taped a flashlight to his hand guard, but it was a less than ideal situation.

Then in the late 80’s and early 90s, the gun world got the Picatinny rail. And oh, how we rejoiced. But people with small hands like your author quickly found that in addition to being quite modular, the “quad rail” hand guard was big, clumsy, and sharp.

That’s about the time Magpul brought out the MOE line …read more

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