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By Sara Tipton

Sara T. Dene Adams corset review

By accident of birth and editorial inclination, I’ve become something of a woman’s holster guru. Over the last month or so, ladies have been sending me links to the Dene Adams corset holster, wanting to know if it’s worth the $119.99. Good question! To paraphrase the Bard, once more into the britches, dear Horatio . . .

Sara T. Dene Adams corset review (courtesy Sara Tipton for The Truth About Guns)

When I opened the package for the Dene Adams corset holster I was smitten by the delicate lace and champagne color. I prefer a lighter color for concealment; it lets me wear white or light colored clothing without revealing that I’m packing. After unpacking — both the corset and my Taurus snub-nosed .357 revolver in its belly band — I clocked the complementary trigger guard for my Ruger LCP .380 and slipped on Dene’s handiwork.

Sara T. Dene Adams corset review

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