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By Jeremy S


It’s available! It does exist! CZ-USA is now distributing the Czech-made buttstock for the Scorpion EVO 3. That would be the same buttstock that has come from the factory on the submachine gun Scorps since 2010, and now it’s available in the U.S. for those who have filed a Form 1 and received ATF approval to go from pistol to SBR. For the time being, the stocks will only be sold in a package along with a 6-part 922(r) compliance kit, which I probably began installing before the FedEx guy was back in his truck. Although I’m a huge fan of the ACE M4 SOCOM stock that previously graced my non-compliant Scorp [paperweight], the factory model certainly has a few advantages. . .

To anyone who makes it to the end of that video, you’re welcome.

The Stock

That the factory stock works really well on the gun shouldn’t be a surprise, of course, since the Scorp was designed to be an SBR from the get-go rather than some absurd, giant pistol contraption. So while the AR-15 stock adapter worked great, the Czech stock works better.

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