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By Sara Tipton

Can Can Concealment corset holster (courtesy Sara Tipton for The Truth About Guns)

Can Can Concealment sells the BIG SheBang concealed carry rig I reviewed last June. The five-star holster garment is cute, easy to use, comfortable and efficient. The Can Can Concealment corset holster is roughly the same design and style in a full upper-body tank top, positioning firearms in the small of a woman’s back. The fact that the corset’s currently out-of-stock tells you it’s popular. But is it worth the wait? . . .

The Can Can Concealment corset holster arrived in a size small. Putting it on presented one, make that two big (little?) problems. As a woman who doesn’t consider herself to be “well endowed,” I wish I’d have gone up a size; my breasts weren’t as well covered as I would have preferred.

Checking the Can Can Concealment website, I discovered that the company recommends wearing the corset with a bra. So really, I’d deployed it incorrectly. Here’s a picture from Can Can Concealment’s site showing how Can Can recommends buyers wear their corset holster:


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