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By Tyler Kee


I’ve spent the last three years carrying a couple of different sized pistols in a variety of places on my body. I’ve finally settled on a full-size M&P 9 and the appendix carry position, but holster selection has been hit or miss. The fine folks at Bravo Concealment reached out and asked if I’d like to try out one of their offerings, and because – like all gun owners – I always wonder if the ballistic grass is greener over there, somewhere. I enthusiastically said yes . . .

Specifically, BC sent me their Acer DG2, an appendix inside-the-waistband holster. At the appendix position, I’ve found that stability and ride height make all the difference in the world as it relates to a fast draw and the ability to conceal the pistol of your choice. As I’m of fairly average build and carry a full-size handgun, that can be a somewhat hard blend to find.

I’m also, uhhh, “rounder” that I used to be (something I’m working on fixing). I’m not yet to the point that appendix carry is out, but my front section isn’t as flat as it was. Given that bit of info and …read more

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