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By Tyler Kee

A good belt is the linchpin of a solid carrying system. No matter how good your holster, no matter how good your gun, if you have a weak (and usually cheap) belt, you’ll always fight to carry effectively. In the past, I’ve used a CompTac belt with great success. It’s a solid belt with a reinforced Kydex strip that makes it very stiff, the key to a good belt. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a few months wearing the Aegis belt from Ares Gear, and I’m totally sold . . .

The Aegis is a brutally simple belt. It is a thick and very stiff strip of scuba webbing, held in place by a robust buckle that takes a tighter, stronger bite the tighter you pull. It came from the factory with two elastic bands to help retain excess belt material, but they broke off almost immediately. Otherwise, it has been robust, and spectacular at helping me carry around a fully loaded XD(m) 4.5.

My wife tells me that its not a particularly fashionable thing to wear, regularly referring to it as my “seat belt.” I explained that Chris Costa personally endorses …read more

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