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By Tyler Kee


At the end of 2015, the trigger-happy folks at Apex Tactical sent me a T- shirt. It displayed a long list of handguns with checkmarks next to each one. They’ve been “Apex’d.” That shirt is now woefully out of date, a testament to the rapidity with which the California company releases new products in their effort to bring 1911 trigger ergonomics to the striker-fired world. It all started with the introduction of the . . .

“Flatty” forward set trigger kit for the Smith & Wesson M&P, the pistol they’re most known for fixing. The R&D they put into those kits translates well to other striker-fired handguns. Looking through their list of available triggers (the shirt’s in my closet), it’s clear that Apex wants to be more than “THE M&P shop.” At the 2016 SHOT show, the guys from Apex handed me a box containing a trigger assembly for the Walther PPQ.

The comments section of our article announcing the PPQ replacement trigger covered what is sure to be one of the first criticisms of any attempt to improve the PPQ trigger. Essentially, why mess with perfection?

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