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By Tyler Kee


I recently reviewed AMSEC’s Gravity Spinning Bullseye which is perhaps one of my favorite targets of all time. In the same package as the spinning target was their AM torso target. While not as fancy as the other item I’ve tested, it has found a way into my normal rotation for target usage…

Truth be told, I have amassed a pretty decent collection of steel targets over the last few years including little squares, big heavy plates, and several IPSC torso targets. For the majority of my rifle testing, I like using the smaller plates mounted on bits of chain or cable. They provide great feedback at long distance, and consistently hitting a 10″ x 10″ plate at a quarter mile always makes me feel great.

For pistol shooting though, I like a target that is fairly representative of a human torso as most of my shooting is geared towards a defensive mindset. That’s where those full sized IPSC targets really come in handy. The problem as you might imagine is that they weigh a lot, and they don’t break down for easy transport. When I got them, I was hell bent on taking them with me everywhere which lasted approximately …read more

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