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By Nick Leghorn


[The following review was written by Paul G., one of my buddies from the day job]

I’ve never made an 80% lower before, but I have watched several videos online and my boss at work makes them as a hobby. That being said I know each location on a completed lower and what goes where with relative accuracy and with the assistance of quick Google search. I have always wanted to complete an 80% lower, and thankfully after 80% Arms asked TTAG to review their entire kit Nick figured a novice would be a good choice to test it out…the perfect guinea pig.

After opening the package for the first time and clearing all the packing peanuts I can say the packaging was top notch. The boxes inside had no visual damage and whoever delivered the package did a good job because the exterior had no visible damage other than the cardboard flattening from putting packaging tape firmly on the top and bottom seams. I then opened the boxes inside and everything was packaged well, the only thing that bothered me with the packaging of the individual Easy Jig and 80% Lower Kit was the lack of filler inside …Read the Rest

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