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By Jeremy S


GLOCKs may be “perfection,” but that hasn’t kept dozens of companies from making aftermarket, “upgrade” parts for them. One of the largest players in the game is Lone Wolf, located in my neck of the woods here in N’Idaho. In fact, now that Lone Wolf makes its own locking blocks, it officially has an aftermarket replacement for every single part of a GLOCK pistol. Including the frame. Indeed, right now I’m testing out what I’ve been calling “The 0% GLOCK GLOCK,” spec’d entirely from the Lone Wolf catalog. Anyway, while LW does manufacture many of its own parts, there has always been speculation about who makes its barrels and where [overseas] they are made. It looks like a new deal has been struck, and the answer now is. . .

a South Korean firm with manufacturing facilities in Duluth, GA. There’s probably something going on between the lines in the following press release — like the reason LW slides are also included in this blowout sale — but at face value it means discounts up to $60 on Lone Wolf barrels, like the 6.6″ one I’ve been enjoying in my 10mm GLOCK 20SF since before …read more

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