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By Jenn Jacques


Boy, California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom really stepped in it this time, and The Pink Pistols are firing back.

Last week, the Pink Pistols posted a meme attacking Newsom’s proposed anti-gun legislation in California. The graphic, featuring a quote from member Nicki Stallard reads, “If Gavin Newsom gets this passed, how will transgender women like me be able to protect ourselves?”

The attack on Newsom’s “Safety for All” initiative apparently hit a nerve, but what Newsom did next has gun owners around the country fired up and firing back.

Newsom, who apparently isn’t familiar with the Pistols (which in my opinion is deplorable enough), hijacked the post in an effort to divert attention from his anti-gun legislation and distorted it into an ignorant and misaligned attack against the NRA:

“The NRA group in California is using the Trans community to fight our common sense gun safety initiative. Using the Trans community to fight their battle of lies is arguably one of the most disgusting things they’ve ever done.”

With over 45 Pink Pistols chapters nationwide, and more are starting up every day, The Pink Pistols have been and remain “dedicated to the legal, …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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