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By John Crump

Gavin McGinnis: Co-Founder Vice And Founder Of The Proud Boys
Gavin McGinnis: Co-Founder Vice And Founder Of The Proud Boys

Alabama-( founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for defamation and other tortious acts resulting in reputational and economic damages.

The media widely credits McInnes with starting the hipster movement. He co-founded Vice Media with Shane Smith. He is known as the “godfather” of hipsterdom.

McInnes’s former organization, the Proud Boys, is considered a hate group by the SPLC. McInnes started the Proud Boys as a joke, but the Western chauvinist group has morphed into a nationwide fraternal organization known for their rabid support of Trump.

The Proud Boys have been in some high-profile skirmishes with Antifa. The most high-profile conflict took place in New York City after a speech by McInnes at the Republican Club.

In the incident, a group of about a dozen Proud Boys was leaving the speech when a group of Antifa members approached the group and confronted them by running up and trying to steal their “MAGA” hats. A fight broke out leaving the Antifa members bloody and battered.

The police that arrived on the scene arrested the Antifa members because they were the aggressors …Read the Rest

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