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By Eric R. Poole


Guns & Ammo aims to bring its readership the first look at any new guns, ammo, optics and suppressors. Firearm makers need to keep their FFL records clean, so there is continuous pressure to return firearms and optics promptly after testing. The typical manufacturer loans Guns & Ammo its new product for about six to eight months. In most cases, we start receiving invoices the day the product arrives, and the letters that follow show increasing agitation until said product is returned. With plenty of competition to review new products, those who are most professional usually get first crack at breaking the next big story.

G&A strives to provide its more than 11 million total-reach readership with as much detailed information and photography as the loan period and resources allow, but no test we can perform is equivalent to your experience with a product after having lived with it for several years. You may encounter problems that we do not. Also, we are not one of the military’s proving grounds where millions of dollars and several years are applied to evaluating a candidate in controlled experiments before it’s adopted.

In a perfect world, we’d torture test every product to failure and fire …Read the Rest

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