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By James England

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — A strong-arm robbery attempt was stopped dead in its tracks when the victim opened fire on the robber’s getaway vehicle, injuring a passenger.

Surveillance footage taken from the gas station is expected to play a pivotal role in determining how Indianapolis police will decide to prosecute but at this point, it appears that the getaway driver had exited his vehicle to assist the robber in shaking down a gas station customer.

As WTHR 13 reports, the customer exited the gas station store after making a purchase when he was accosted by a man attempting to rob him. The man used force against him but the victim fought back.

It was only when the robber’s accomplice attempted to intervene that the victim drew his concealed handgun and opened fire, striking a passenger.

The event left loyal patrons shaken as they feared the attack had originally been directed at a favored convenience store clerk. The clerk was unharmed and the gas station was closed for only a few hours before reopening.

The passenger of the getaway vehicle was taken to a local hospital by the driver, where they were both stopped for questioning by police.

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