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By Rex Nanorum

Garmin Tactix Charlie
Garmin Tactix Charlie

U.S.A.-( Electronics have become a pervasive part of nearly every facet of our lives. This certainly applies to both members of the military and hunters alike. Relying entirely on technology at the expense of traditional methods is a surefire way to invite Murphy’s Law into your lives, but using modern tech to augment the proven ways of old results in a massive capability multiplier. The Global Position System (GPS) has similarly worked it’s way into many facets of everyday life where it hadn’t been before. Flight systems, car navigation, cell phones and now watches. The Garmin Tactix Charlie is the latest evolution in blending the every day and the advanced, taking a simple watch and stuffing it full of topographical maps and GPS.

Garmin Tactix Charlie Tactical GPS Watch

The Garmin Tactix Charlie is an impressive beast when it comes to both hardware and software features. Let’s break it down by separating the two.

Garmin Tactix Charlie
Garmin Tactix Charlie


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