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By James England

Gander Mountain has begun bankruptcy proceedings following a lackluster return on their aggressive expansion across the United States. The chain is predominantly known as a fishing and hunting shop but carries a wide selection of handguns as well.

According to the Reuters article about their bankruptcy proceedings, the article’s authors noted that this comes after a record year of gun purchases across the United States.

Their main competitors, Bass Pro and Cabela’s, both merged in a $5.5 billion dollar landmark deal made last year.

To be honest, there’s two main competitors to this business model: ‘Mom & Pop’ gun stores and online retailers like Just like big box stores like Target and Walmart are getting squeezed by online giants like Amazon, gun retailers are also taking serious hits.

For most gun purchases, the only thing that’s required is a Federal Firearm License holder. This means that, for the majority of people living in the United States, they can just shop for the gun that they want and have it sent to a local FFL for the NCIS background check and paperwork.

The middle man is having a harder and harder time fitting in the middle.

I see this as ultimately a …Read the Rest

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