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By Jim Clary

GAMO Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle - Gun Review

by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary
Jim and Mary fight over whop gets to shoot the GAMO Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle.

GAMO Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle :
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USA – -( The GAMO Swarm Maxxim Air gun is a rifle for serious airgun shooters and incorporates the newest innovation on the market:

A 10-round magazine, called 10X Quick-Shot, that reloads the gun each time it is cocked. It took years for GAMO to perfect this patent pending device and it works flawlessly. The weight and balance are perfect, making it easy to get on target for a shot.

GAMO Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle

The following are some of the unique features of the Swarm Maxxim that we liked:

First up is the Recoil Reducing Rail system (RRR). Most airguns have grooves for mounting the scope rings, similar to a lot of conventional rimfire firearms. A common problem has been the inability to tighten the rings down to prevent slipping due to the intense recoil of high-power airguns. That problem has been eliminated with a very secure 5-screw mounted rail (RRR). This “picatinny style” rail consists of two pieces that are separated …Read the Rest

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