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By C. J. Daniel

you play to win the game (300x225)

I will likely offend legions of people with this post, but so be it, it’s an editorial and my current opinion.

When I started shooting competition I had the intent to make IDPA Master in SSP and ESP. That was in the fall of 2014; now it is 18 months later and I find myself no longer concerned about it. Oh, it is still a goal of mine, but in working towards that goal I have learned a few things. Things that have changed how I train, my gear and my overall point of view. What follows are some things I wished people would have explained to me when I first started shooting competition along with some observations I have had.

I’ll start with International Defensive Pistol Association, or IDPA. I will openly admit I have only shot a few IDPA club matches, but it left me cold. Perhaps my exposure was an oddity, but nevertheless, it influenced me. Here is what I have learned.

  1. The IDPA Classifier is a decent means to track skill growth and improvement, especially with a CCW weapon concealed under street clothes.
  2. The IDPA Classifier has virtually nothing to …Read the Rest

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