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By Michelle Scheuermann

Game and Fish Magazine's Gear Issue Now on Newsstands
Game and Fish Magazine’s Gear Issue Now on Newsstands
Game & Fish Sportsman magazines
Game & Fish Sportsman magazines

Kennesaw, Ga.--( With 28 different state and regional editions, Game & Fish Magazine is the perfect vehicle for delivering localized gear information for hunters and anglers in every part of America.

The third annual Gear Issue, on newsstands now, is packed with information about the latest hunting and fishing gear, as well as highly targeted tips and strategies aimed at readers in every part of the country.

“This is a diverse country, with very different hunting and angling opportunities from coast to coast,” said Publisher Peter Gross. “We are in a unique position to use our 28 issues to focus on only the top species found in each one of those 28 regions.”

In total, the magazine covered more than 150 new gear items used for 17 different hunting and fishing species, from elk and Western trout to Eastern turkeys and catfish.

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For example, while readers in the West will see a section on Western quail and the gear used to hunt them, readers in Northern states will find a grouse section. Southern hunters receive …Read the Rest

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