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By Chris Eger

With attendees and exhibitors from over 111 countries and 12 miles of aisles, the annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show has something for everyone.
Here are some of the more interesting items that caught our eye on Day 1 of the four-day event, now in its 40th year.
FN’s SCAR 20S turned a few heads, as did their 509 Midsize pistols (Photos: Chris Eger/
At the HK booth, an M110 CSASS sniper rifle made an appearance.
If that doesn’t impress, how about an HK416/40mm blooper combo?
Or an HK417A2 in 7.62?
Remington-owned AAC had a number of classic arms outfitted for quiet time, such as this old-school High Standard with a Halcyon .22LR can.
And something you don’t run across very often in Remington country: A South African Denel-made SS77 Mk1 Vektor general purpose machine gun.
You just don’t see those markings every day
Speaking of belt-feds with cans, Sig had a GPMG under glass to show off their SLMAG suppressor, a .338 Norma Magnum device capable of moderating both the sound and muzzle flash that comes along with the repeated daka-daka-daka of 7.62mm NATO on full-auto.
Then, of course, there was a random, but beautiful, Warsaw Pact DShK HMG at Global Ordnance, sans any sort of can. As you


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