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By Eric R. Poole


While serving as a clandestine advisor to suppress Communist insurgencies in Mexico and South America shortly after World War II, Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, former Guns & Ammo contributor, met Eduardo Chahin from El Salvador, who used an interesting minimalist holster lacking any material past the triggerguard. Cooper was intrigued and is known to have brought back at least one.

By the time Cooper started working with the then-new Colt Commander in the mid-1950s, he envisioned pairing the shortened-slide variant of the Model 1911 with this simple holster design. On his return to the U.S., Cooper took the concept to Milt Sparks, who was, at the time, making holsters in Idaho. The collaborative effort resulted in the Yaqui Slide.


An oval cutout on the backside of a Yaqui Slide holster should straddle a pants’ belt loop, allowing the belt to thread through all three loops to support and prevent movement.

The original Yaqui Slide holster that Cooper brought back differed from most contemporary variations in that it did not have tension units. Galco was the first to add adjustable tensioning screws to this design at the request of a Gunsite rangemaster in 1992. The tension screws allow …Read the Rest

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