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By Robert A. Sadowski

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The Wilson Combat Talon

The Wilson Combat Star-Light

The Wilson Combat Rapid Response XL (RRX)

The Wilson Combat Extreme Light Carry (ELC) Elite

Wilson Combat did not invent the 1911 pistol, it just made it better. The same attention to detail that goes into each Wilson 1911 — making them attractive, reliable and accurate performers — also goes into Wilson Combat’s folding knives.

Here’s a look at four of the best folding knives that Wilson Combat has to offer.


The Talon is a frame-lock folder that weighs 6 ounces, has a cutting edge that measures 3.625 inches and is made of CTS-XHP stainless steel. The handle is made of titanium with a “starburst” pattern similar the Wilson’s …read more

Source:: Tactical Life

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