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By Tom Knighton

From time to time, we hear a story about a delivery driver who was fired because he used his gun to defend himself from an armed robbery. The companies state they have policies that don’t allow their drivers to carry firearms, even if they’re licensed to do so. It apparently has something to do with liability.


In my hometown, though, there was a murder that shows just how stupid those policies are.

Several arrests were made in a homicide that took place Saturday, according to the Albany Police Department (APD).

Alexander Mixon, 27, was fatally wounded during an attempted robbery.

The victim was lured to the 1900 block of West Broad Avenue to deliver food, APD officials said. The victim was a Locos Grill and Pub employee.

When he arrived, which was a vacant home, the victim was approached by two men and shot while inside his vehicle, according to law enforcement.

Mixon was alive when police arrived and was transported to the hospital, but died a short time later.

Now, I’m not saying Mixon should have been carrying a gun. I do think he should have, but that’s a decision each person has to make for themselves.

I’m also not saying that if he …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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