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By Ammoland

FYI GOP - Guns Win --- Again

By Jeff Knox

FYI GOP – Guns Win — Again

USA – -( As this column reported a few weeks ago, the Democrats are betting big on gun control for this election cycle.

That’s good news for GunVoters, that minority of us who, while perhaps not being one-issue voters, don’t trust a politician who doesn’t trust us with a gun. Republicans, however, seem oblivious to the opportunity.

For the past 20 years, Democrats have tiptoed around the gun issue, with only an occasional surge in rhetoric after some highly publicized atrocity, but only after hedging their bets and voting cautiously lest they upset the GunVoters back home. For most of those 20 years, there has been a steady drumbeat from the professional gun control lobby and their media friends, denouncing the Democrats’ avoidance of the issue as unfounded paranoia based on false assumptions. A 2009 editorial from the New York Times, which relied heavily on expert opinions from the gun control lobbyists at the Brady Campaign, is a great example. It called the fear of offending GunVoters a “deadly myth” and dismissed GunVoters’ role in the Republican Revolution of 1994 and the defeat of …Read the Rest

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