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By Justin Stakes

Marion P. Hammer

By Marion P. Hammer

Marion P. Hammer

Florida -( The media love to expose the underbelly of politicians whether it favors their own position or not.

Changing positions on issues only once apparently is acceptable but multiple times on the same issue rankles even the most understanding and tolerant person. It is particularly significant when someone who uses his/her position to expend state funds to lobby the legislature against the constitutional rights of the people who pay those taxes.

Further, it is egregious when that position and power can be used to curtail First amendment rights to keep others from speaking out against the administration on Second Amendment rights.

Conservative, pro-campus carry faculty members and employees have expressed fear of retaliation if they speak out in support of issues which the anti-gun administration opposes. There is a chill and a suppression of First Amendment rights when it comes to speaking out on gun rights. If you support the administration’s position, you’re golden. If you oppose their position, they’re afraid to speak out.

The following article published in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune strikes at the heart of the problem of people of power forgetting their true obligation.

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