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By GDC Staff

Sure, everybody thinks Frosty is just an innocent ball of snow with a carrot nose. But make no mistake.  Behind that gentle visage is a cool gunslinger at heart.  If you were lucky enough to sneak a peek inside Frosty’s home arsenal, here’s what you’d find.
1. Mossberg 930 Snow Goose

The Mossberg Snow Goose shotgun is, hands down, the perfect shotgun for any snowman’s armament.  Sure, the gun is great for snow goose hunting, but this 28 inch barreled autoloader has an extended 13-round magazine tube that makes a serious statement. The Kryptek Yeti camo is ideal for pale snowmen and women, while the high capacity means plenty of rounds to counteract any snowball fight.
2. Thomson Center Venture Predator

Frosty may not have many natural enemies — other than summer, or course — but who can pass up a good varmint hunt? All the snow creatures would love T/C’s Venture Predator with Realtree AP Snow camouflage, making it the perfect winter coyote blaster. With calibers including .204 Ruger, .223, .22-250, and .308, the composite-stocked varmint rifle is capable and undercover in the white stuff.

If concealed carry really took off in the arctic, SCCY’s CPX-2 semi automatic pistol in white would


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