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By Chris Eger

From the wide range of options in the Warehouse, we bring you a sampling of John Browning’s famous semi-automatic shotgun designs, the iconic Browning Auto-5. Introduced at a time when break-action and double-barrel shotguns ruled, Browning named the Auto-5 after its action and 4+1 magazine capacity. Needless to say, the Auto-5 became an instant hit.
The long recoil action of the John Browning’s Auto-5 is reliable and can be tuned by the user, a fact that has kept many of these guns, sometimes decades old, still working without a hitch
Designed by Browning in 1898 and patented soon after, the Auto-5 became the first mass-produced semi-auto shotgun. Belgium company FN put it into production in 1902. The shotgun proved so popular that Remington and Savage both marketed their own version of it. The Auto-5  remained in production for almost a century across three continents.
The Auto-5, or clones thereof, have been made on three continents and sold worldwide during the gun’s production run from 1902 through 1999.
Offered initially just in 12 gauge, the line expanded in the 1930s to include 20- and 16-gauge versions. The distinctive square receiver lent the gun an unmistakable profile that helped develop its “humpback” nickname.
We currently have at least


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