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By Chris Eger

These 12 gauge 3-inch 870P Police Magnums all feature rack numbers from their former careers. Sadly, they did not come with donuts.
Likely not long removed from the trunk of a Crown Vic Interceptor comes a small batch of hard serving Remington 870P Police Magnums, now in the Vault.
For a generation, this model was the standard for many law enforcement agencies nationwide, from small-town municipal cops to rural sheriff’s deputies, big city police in densely populated urban areas, and highway-bound state troopers. Coming to from an Arizona police distributor, there are no indications of what department they originated from, but Remington says their serial number range dates from October 1997.
A decade ago, Big Green proudly announced over 10 million assorted 870 models had been manufactured since the pump was first introduced in 1950, calling it the most prolific shotgun in history. Today, Remington says this number has surged past the 12 million mark. With that being said, 870Ps are different from your classic wooden-furniture Wingmaster field guns and Express-series entry level guns. They use a shortened Speedfeed style forend rather than the typical oversized grip that most 870 sporting guns have installed. They also utilize a more rugged all-metal


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