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By Chris Eger

The West German-made Erma ET22 was billed in the 1960s as inspired by the old Imperial “Navy” model Luger but centered more towards plinking and control of zee pests. (Photo: Richard Taylor/
From the wide range of options in the Warehouse, we bring you a pair of curious West German-made long-barreled Erma ET-22s. But first, let’s talk about “Navy” Lugers
Austrian firearms inventor Georg Johann Luger invented both the 9mm round known and loved today, and, while tweaking a design from German gun industry giant DWM for a U.S. Army contract, came up with the Luger pistol that was to carry his name. A toggle-action semi-auto, the gun was first adopted by the Swiss Army and then, in 1904, by the Imperial German Navy, well before the pistol went on to its greatest claim to fame as the standard sidearm of the German Army in World War I.
U.S. Patent #753,414 to G. Luger, Mar. 17 1900. The gun’s distinctive toggle-action, fixed pencil barrel, and slanted grip give it easy recognition.
While the German P08 Luger carried a 3.9-inch barrel, the guns carried by that country’s sea service were more distinctive, with a longer 6-inch barrel, the ability to use a wooden buttstock


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