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By Jacki Billings

Bob Faxon founded the company after designing the ARAK-21.  (Photo: Faxon Firearms)
Bob Faxon’s journey in the firearms industry began at his kitchen table. Using knowledge accrued within the halls of Faxon Machining, Faxon leveraged his expertise to develop Faxon Firearms’ first product, the ARAK-21. From those beginnings, he built a brand. Faxon Firearms, now known for its innovative parts, accessories and complete rifles and pistols has become a mainstay for consumers looking to improve and elevate their favorite builds; but more importantly, the company is known for its commitment to customers. sat down with the always jovial Faxon to talk about the company’s origin and why consumers are at the root of Faxon Firearms.
GDC: So Faxon Firearms was originally an offshoot of Faxon Machining — which has a hand in many different areas in the industrial realm. What are a few areas people would be surprised to find the Faxon name?
Faxon: Oh that’s easy. We’ve done nuclear. We’ve done aerospace. We’ve done automotive, oil and gas, renewable energy, machining tools. We’re heavily in the defense industry and of course firearms. We even had a part in the Mars Rover — the robot that went around the planet of Mars. We’ve


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