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By Robert Farago

Soon-to-be-former UT Archicture School Dean Steiner (courtesy

“A University of Texas dean said Thursday he’s leaving the school to pursue a different job in large part because of the new Texas law that will allow concealed firearms in public college classrooms,” reports. “Fritz Steiner, dean of the Texas School of Architecture, [above] was named dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. He said he wouldn’t have considered leaving if not for the new law, which takes effect prior to the start of the fall semester Aug. 1. ‘I thought I would be responsible for enforcing a law I don’t believe in,’ Steiner said.” Needless to say, Dean Steiner thought wrong. He wasn’t in charge of “enforcing” campus carry. He was in charge of running UT Architecture Department. Ready for more derp? Here ya go . . .

Steiner said he’s not anti-guns, but doesn’t want them in the halls of higher education. Texas faculty have worried allowing guns could have a chilling effect on academic freedom and frank discussions in classrooms.

“I grew up hunting. My father was a Marine and a policeman. I’m not a stranger to firearms in any way,” Steiner said. “I grew up believing there was an appropriate place …Read the Rest

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